The World is facing a catastrophic situation due to outbreak of COVID-19 and in order to combat this challenge, coordinated joint efforts of all Sections of the Society are required. In view of the above, there may be incidence that employee's/worker's services are dispensed with on this pretext or the employees/workers are forced to go on leave without wage/salaries.

In the backdrop of such challenging situation, all the Employers of Public/Private Establishments are advised to extend their coordination by not terminating their employees, particularly casual or contractual workers from job or reduce their wages. If any worker takes leave, he should be deemed to be on duty without any consequential deduction in wages for this period. Further, if the place of employment is to be made non-operational due to COVID-19, the employees of such unit will be deemed to be on duty.

The termination of employee from the job or reduction in wages in this scenario would further deepen the crises and will not only weaken the financial condition of the employee but also hamper their morale to combat their fight with this epidemic. In view of this, you are requested to circulate this Advisory to the Employers/Owners of all the establishments registered with your Association for compliance. With regards,